About WKM Consultancy

“We wrote the book on Pipeline Risk Management. Literally.”

Government agencies, engineering companies, insurers, academia, and legal firms are among our clients. We conduct educational workshops, perform risk assessments, and develop pipeline integrity/risk management programs.

Our risk-engineering experts have provided the pipeline industry with consulting services such as:

  • Risk Assessments – based on new and improved quantitative methods and proven consequence analysis methods;
  • Risk Management based on risk reduction versus resource allocation analysis methods; cost/benefit analyses; ALARP;
  • Compliance Assessments – based on current government regulations and industry practices;
  • Ownership Transfer Due Diligence – based on compliance and risk assessment approaches;
  • Procedure Development – operations, maintenance, emergency & management procedures;
  • Personnel Training – on site class room refresher training and custom training programs;
  • Pipeline Risk Management Workshops risk management presentations and workshops;
  • Custom Software Developmentrisk assessment and management, database management and engineering application program development.


WKM Consultancy operates under four guiding principles:

  • Best in Class – WKM Consultancy is committed to technical excellence. We will continue to develop and efficiently apply the optimum risk management tools in order to best meet the needs of our clients;
  • High Value – WKM Consultancy has consistently provided the most cost effective solutions to the pipeline industry. We will never advise a client to spend resources in an inefficient manner;
  • Reliable – WKM Consultancy always meets or exceeds established client expectations. This will result in long-term client relationships and a reputation for delivering sound solutions under high public and government scrutiny;
  • Objective – WKM Consultancy prides itself in providing objective and unbiased advice to clients and maintaining an unquestionable level of integrity and professionalism. This includes referring work to our competitors when appropriate to give the client the most cost-effective solutions.

Our People

W. Kent Muhlbauer founded WKM Consultancy in 1994. Mr. Muhlbauer is a noted lecturer, software designer, and author. Together with associates, including principal Dan Plume, P.E., WKM Consultancy has over 65 years of pipeline experience (design, construction, operations, maintenance), with 45 years specific to pipeline risk management.

Our business associates’ qualifications and project experience are described in the following Adobe Acrobat (pdf) documents*:

Key Personnel

 *Please contact us for more current bio’s, resume’s.