Welcome to WKM Consultancy, LLC

WKM Consultancy has provided pipeline risk- and integrity-management training, advice, and consultations to the largest oil and gas companies in the world. In addition, our expertise has taken us into service for many others in the industry, including regulators, governments, academia, legal proceedings, software developers, non-hydrocarbon pipeline systems (water, etc) and others.

Our specialty is all things related to pipeline risk management. This includes building models that assist operators in making risk-based resource allocation decisions.
Our emphasis is on practical, user-friendly solutions that are technically robust (but not overkill) and have the rigor to withstand analytical scrutiny.

When working with pipeline owner/operators, our consultants normally work within an operator’s existing integrity/risk/GIS data management organization to create comprehensive risk management applications that meet department and enterprise-wide requirements. Open source solutions are our preferred deliverables.

Speaking of ‘open source’ . . .

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